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As this is my first blog post I thought why not start with something everybody enjoys (at least the ones that use it) but it’s not that talked, really, in day to day life – products that should not miss from your makeup bag. I know what you are thinking, I should have started with skincare, but somehow makeup attracts me more, thus this approach. Bare with me.

Because of this rebellious move you would expect now to start in a more chaotic order of usage the presentation of each product, but shockingly no, I will begin with:
1. Foundation – This amazing liquid that we call foundation is like the floating mist on a very plain pond, it gives it some mystery and it makes it look perfected and luminous. Once you have this perfection of a liquid\powder, whatever your choice, your complexion is totally transformed, baby bum goodness style.
Now that you have a beautiful canvas to work with, thanks to the foundation, you may proceed on applying your:
2. Concealer – Look at it as the Robin to Batman, he is there to help you where foundation has failed or where you just need a little bit of brightening. Just dab the smallest amount of it where needed and in the corner of your eyes right to where your very dark blue circles end, and be gentle (you really don’t need it everywhere around the eye, let’s be serious people, don’t make your eyes look all caked up and make that concealer gather in your expression lines, it’s not a good look and you are not making your delicate skin around your eyes any favour).
If you are feeling really fancy and you want that extra zing in your skin, you are free to add some:
3. Luminizer\Highlighter – This is what fairies sneeze when a flower tickles their tiny noses, basically they are made out of this. If you want to look as if you have an aura and get all the nice areas on your face in the light use this on the bridge of the nose, top bone of the cheeks and a tiny bit in the middle of the top lip and be amazed while looking in a mirror in the sunshine and be prepared to ‘Aaaa!’ yourself. (You can also use it under your foundation, allover the skin, this is just my preferred way to use it.)
If you are going for the vampire-esque look you could skip these next two steps, but if you like adding some colour back into your skin, I really recommend using the best makeup thing ever invented in my opinion:
4. Bronzer – Do you like that sun kissed skin on your face? We all know how much sun can damage our skin in all the ways. But don’t fret, there is Bronzer. He brings you just that without the damage, maybe just in your pocket, depending on what kind you get. Put some on the top of the cheeks and on the forehead around the hairline and if you feel you were not so light handed and your face is not matching your neck, take it down there as well.
Just like having the need of using a bronzer, all my ‘no colour on the face or cheeks’ peeps out there will dig the use of:
5. Blush – This is your ‘I am in love’ face in a case. You instantly look fresh, healthy and happy when you get the perfect colour for your face, or why not go wild and pick the most fuchsia of pinks of the bunch and you will still have a lovely perk going on. Dust some on your cheeks and be happy.
Now that our base is ‘fixed’ we can proceed to define the other three remaining parts of our face, eyebrows, lips and eyes, for the latter I recommend using:
6. Mascara – Whether you are a clumpy, natural, lengthy, voluminous mascara seeker, some swiped wands of the chosen one will make your eyes instantly beautified. Apply it focusing more on the exterior corner of the eyes, this creates a nice effect and your eyes will look better without any extra faff. (Do use an eyelash curler if needed, you will become addicted and never look back.)
Now this one is pretty self explanatory but let’s see anyway what there is to say about:
7. Lip balm – Lips will be soft, look well cared after (almost as if you drink a lot of water and we know that is not true, and by you I mean me) and feel hydrated if you use this product in any form, shape or size, just test a bunch see which one is the best for you and never leave it out of sight and stock up, also tinted lip balm could be an option. If you are the kind of gal that cannot live without a lipstick on your pout, dab some, but don’t forget to keep them in good condition and exfoliate once a week or so and balm them when lipstick’s not occurring.
And I saved the best for the last:
8. Eyebrow pencil – Gel, pommade, powder, so many options, whatever caters to your hand be ready to be as light or harsh with it as you choose, that is why we saved it to the last, now you have everything else taken care of and it is easier to choose the intensity of your look by just filling in your brows, your face can be transformed from soft to bold, I trust you will do a good job defining your rare, over plucked, too light or not so similar looking eyebrows.
This is just an overview of each product and, of course, by all means everyone can add or subtract from this list, the products presented above are just my preference for a more laid back, natural look. Tell me if you would like to see a more in depth approach of any one of them in a comment below. 
What are some of your makeup bag staples?


2 thoughts on “Makeup bag staples

    • Hello Amber
      Thank you, I am happy you like my illustrations.
      That foundation sounds very good, too bad Bobbi Brown products are not available where I live, I will have to check some online stores.


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