Men and skincare


I love guys and I love skincare so I thought why not combine the two and write a little something. But my two loves tend to shy away from each other and by this I mean men shy away from skincare. I really don’t know why things stand like this, but I do have some theories.
(Another list for your viewing pleasure here, can you tell I like them?)
1. They imagine that creams are made in a cave by three wicked-wicked witches and contain potions that are going to melt their faces off.

2. If they start using face cream their features will start to become feminine and their beards will stop growing.

3. Their face is going to turn into a fly trapping tape.

4. They are afraid that they will not be able to stop there and get sucked into the whole ritual a girl has: foundation, concealer, powder, etc. you know the drill.

This list can go on, a lot, really, ask any guy and he will have a twisted answer for his reason, but, in fact, their fears are groundless.

I say, take a rope, tie him to a chair and proceed on applying creams to his face. I’m kidding…or am I? No, I am, forcing it won’t solve the fact that he won’t willingly moisturise.

Every other man likes a good gadget, so, I think, this would do for a good speech: as technology evolves, so do skincare products, they become lighter, perform better and the range is so wide to choose from that you can find something catered for any mix of needs.

If grandmas heavy, greasy cream doubles his pupils, I suggest he tries a serum. Plus, a lot of brands have or are coming out with skincare specifically formulated for men’s needs and they are pretty nice too and have that manly feel to them, maybe that won’t scare the boy and make him use them.

Khiel’s have a whole range dedicated to men and their other products have a neutral packaging that appeals to women and men. For their chapped lips I recommend Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, it’s moisturizing, mat looking, 100% natural and you won’t even feel or see it’s there.

So, go on boy, slather that cream on your face. You will thank yourself in 10 years.


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