Homeoplasmine review

Homeoplasmine I always thought that having good habits is healthy for your mind and body. Also I like a good multipurpose product that is cheap and does the job and I can see myself repurchasing over and over again, and this right here tics all my boxes.

Homeoplasmine is a pommade (as it says on the tube) that makes your pout soft like rose petals and allows your natural lip colour shine thru a slightly shiny finish, but nothing over the top, not at all sticky or uncomfortable to wear.

Although I like the good habits part, I kinda have to discipline myself into it. That is not the case with this product, because while I drift from the habit of putting it on I don’t feel the need to constantly reapply it because my lips are soft anyway from previous use. What I am saying is that you must have experienced at one point (I certainly did) some products on your lips that made you somehow dependent to have them there – I don’t see that as a good sign or a good product.

Homeoplasmine is a homeopath cream, so it stimulates your body’s own healing processes to actually repair your lips and hydrate them, that the need of applying something to make them feel comfortable, disappears altogether. Also, the whole apothecary packaging is a plus, love the feel and look of it.

This is a multitasking product, so obviously you can apply it to other areas of your body where needed. It almost acts like Elizabeth Arden’s famous Eight Hour Cream and it is often compared to it. This means that you can use Homeoplasmine on very dry areas on your body and on itchy, irritated skin.

As makeup enhancement use a tiny bit on your lids, if you are into the glossy eyelid look, on your eyebrows, if they are unruly and tend to point allover on your face, or if you want that glow, but wanna skip the shimmer, put it where you would put a highlighter for a fresh, dewy appearance.

Have you tried this product before and in what other way would you suggest using it? Do tell if you have similar product recommendations.


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    • Hello Macha!
      I am very happy that you like this style! Also I feel very flattered for the nomination, I am honoured to do it, and I think it is a excellent idea for newbies!
      I checked your post and I like your questions, I am excited to answer them.
      Thank you!


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