Gym bag essentials

Gym bag essentials Oh, the joy! .. after a good workout, ‘pat yourself on the back’ style. You can feel quite gross and drenched of all your powers after an adrenaline inducing, confidence boosting and body shaping workout and the best way to get that fresh feeling back again is a nice cooling shower.

What should you take in your bag and get yourself from a sweaty mess to a gorgeous human again? Before you dive into the read I have to say I did not include the very obvious ones like: water, your workout clothes and whatever you actually need for the workout.  

1. Dry shampoo\Shampoo – I am suggesting the one or the other based on your sweatiness levels.

 2. Deodorant (not antiperspirant) – I am pro deodorant because this one does let you perspire. Chances are you will continue to perspire after you finished your training, if it was an intense one. You don’t want the odor, you want the nasties out.

 3. Face towel – Bring your own face towel, one that is just for the face and you are the only one that uses it.  

4. Your skin care and body care stuff – So after that awesome workout and shower your pores are hungry for some good stuff. I personally think it’s the best time to moisturize head to toe, even more so if you paid the sauna a visit after your workout. And I would totally do every step… serum, eye cream and your face cream of choice.  

5. Baby powder – If you find that you get red and irritated in some areas of your body where you perspire more, just dust some powder in those parts before the workout session, try a talc-free one.  

6. Make-up – Keep it on the minimal side, you have a beautiful glowing face from the workout and freshly applied skin care so, if not necessary, I would suggest defining other features, eyes or lips.

What are your gym bag essentials? Do you feel like there is something missing from this list?


2 thoughts on “Gym bag essentials

    • Hi Macha!

      That so cool to hear, I read yours and it’s more ‘busy girl’ oriented, I like that. I went more into yoga now and I don’t need as much stuff as seen in the post, which is excellent, don’t have to carry a big bag around all day.
      And in the skincare area, I can’t without moisturiser, just can’t. :)


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