For the tired or hangover

For the tired or hangover Did you have a late night and a very early morning?  Maybe you lost count of your alcoholic beverages last night. Or none of the above and you just have one of those days where you feel you need some perking up, anything that can make you get that wrinkly forehead to loosen up a bit.

What should you do if you have engagements and need a quick fix to get you going, although all you want is to stay in bed all day with everything at an arms length distance?

I suggest you start with some movement in your body. Chances are you were tired when you fell asleep and it was a tight one, so upon waking you may feel as if someone tied all your muscles together. Try doing some streches, stretch every muscle, start from your feet – up to your neck and then finish with a nice arms above the head strech, get the blood flowing thru your body, into your heart and brain, that should feel better already.

Now if that alcohol made a move on you then by now you should feel dehydrated. Pour yourself a big glass of water and drink it not before adding half of lemon juice into your water. When you say lemon you instanly think of vitamin C, which works for the immune system and glowing skin. That is not all, it has a long list of benefits, it helps every part of your body that it promenades. You will get used with the tough taste, I promise.

Hop into the shower and let the cooling water wash that grubbiness off and to get the energy levels higher by making the hard task – at this moment – of scrubing your body. Moisturise after, it will feel good and you will avoid the thight skin feel, in case you didn’t use a oil based scrub.

Let’s fix the face, get a scrub-a-dub action going or a acid toner, whatever your preferance, this should reveal a lively complexion and make you do the confidence dance in the mirror. After that you can resume to your regular skincare routine.

For makeup I advise the ‘less is more’ mantra. If your skin is dehydrated and dry, as one is if tired or hungover, the makeup won’t sit well, it will look caked and it won’t make for a fresh look. Keep it dewy and put it where needed, maybe opt for a tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream, be light handed.

For the yummy in the tummy part I don’t have a magic formula, just stay away from sugar and caffeine, if possible, they don’t really help on the hydration front, although they will give you a short term boost.

By all means feel free to add or substract from this list of actions, I am no expert, this is just my recipe for these situations and it helps. If you have any suggestions please let them in the comments below.


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