The hunt: Foundation – BareSkin from bareMinerals

BareSkin Illustration

I bought a new foundation, I was running out of my last one.

I am more of a ‘one foundation at a time’ gal, I don’t like to use products that are past their expire date and that would totally be the case if I had more foundations in rotation.

I like it sheer so I use very little at a time and If I am going out in the evening I don’t change my face base from the day, I just add more on the eyes or lips.

That being said, you can imagine that I do a lot of research before buying a foundation – I have still to try going to the counter and asking for a sample, I really trust you blogger friends out there that make awesome recommendations.

I have oily, uneven skin with the odd blemish here and there. I like my foundation to be sheer (my sparse blemishes really don’t bother me, no concealing happening there either) which assures that I get an even skin tone – this is what I am looking for when using a foundation really. Although I have oily skin I stay away from mat, powdery foundations because I am not a fan of the finish and I noticed it creates this illusion of ageing in my skin texture. I don’t mind the shine, I embrace it – only if the oils really get the party started on my forehead then some very light dusting of powder makes an appearance.

My foundation of choice after many hours of research was bareMinerals ‘BareSkin’ which replaced Clinique ‘Acne Solutions’… and man, it was an awesome pick.

Before the raving begins I would like to tell you my process for choosing this particular foundation.
1. bareMinerals have a extended undertone shades range. I have a yellow undertone in my skin and if I don’t use a foundation with an undertone similar to my skin’s undertone the result is a fake looking disaster. This is something you may have noticed yourself, almost like choosing the wrong shade of foundation for your skin tone, or you have the right shade but something’s just not ok, that’s because of the undertone mismatch.
2. It was the newest appearance on the foundation front from bareMinerals which ensures latest generation formulation with skincare benefits which include vitamin C and antioxidants and a short ingredients list, that is always a plus.
3. It’s inexpensive.

I shake the product and three drops land on my face after the cap goes off.I start to blend it in my skin using my fingers. I really go for the whole face and neck area (I know, just three drops).

First, of course, I noticed the smell which is bad*, not gonna lie, I thought my foundation was off or something, but It’s not.

Then the texture, it felt like I was blending silk on my face. The finished result left me with the biggest surprised eyes in front of the mirror I’ve ever seen on my face.

My skin looked great, it was luminous, perfected and the best part is that you couldn’t see any trace of foundation on my skin, it really looked like skin!

For half that day I didn’t wanna put any other face products on because I really liked how my face looked just with BareSkin on and also I didn’t want to be let down by it on how other products applied – and it didn’t let me down.

I applied my bronzer and it went on beautifully, it really makes anything that you apply post-foundation pop and shine in the nicest way possible.

It wears very nice throughout the day, no patches or other bad surprises and the smell disappears after half hour or so, even if it didn’t I would still wear it because it’s awesome.

I wear the shade Bare Cream 05.

What are your thoughts on BareSkin if you tried it? Would you try it? Tell me what product you discovered recently and you want to talk about it to everyone you know.

*this is very subjective, it reminds me of wet chalk, and I don’t find that to be a particularly lovely smell.


6 thoughts on “The hunt: Foundation – BareSkin from bareMinerals

    • Hi, Sandra

      Now that I tested it more I can say I really like it, it’s staying power it’s awesome. Luminous Silk sounds like a good option too, I haven’t tried it, but if you do, looking forward to your review, actually on both of them, if you decide with the one up here.

      Thank you for the feedback!


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