The one where I let the cat out of the bag

Bag Illustration

I really think that a good bag (and a good pair of shoes) can make a whole outfit. Think of it like this, you are just another sheep in the herd with a bag that every second person owns, but find your perfect bag that suits your body shape and personality, this way, you can create your own unique style. Also you can instantly tell what kind of person is someone by looking at their bag (and shoes), are they sporty, dressy, casual, glitzy, dark and even ‘i don’t care about these things’ person.

I don’t get the designer bag hype either, some do look very nice indeed, but they instantly become unappealing to me when I see the price tag. I don’t think that I get this reaction because I can’t afford them, even if I did, the price and name just doesn’t cut it for me. You can get the same quality, shape and colour you desire by supporting local talents and hiring a bag (products) designer from your town\country to do it and it would be unique.

A quick google search will do the trick for finding a local designer that works with the materials, colours and styles you want. I am not saying that you should do that with every bag you buy, but you could consider making a habit out of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I do support the occasional impulse buy. I would do that with that one bag, that is catered for your specific everyday needs.

Now to get down to business, I want to share with you how my ideal everyday bag would look like. I’m pretty sure a list would help put my thoughts in order, so..

1. First thing that you see is the colour, no surprises here, I want it to be black: it’s timeless, goes with everything and you can’t tell if it’s dirty, perfect.

2. To carry the bag I would add two shoulder straps and a longer one that goes across the body, for when I feel like having my hands free. The straps should be a little bit wider than the standard strap width we are all accustomed to.

3. The body of the bag would be structured, but not firm, simple and minimalist.

4. The entire hardware has to be completely black, I think it looks chic when it’s all black and I don’t get glimpses of other colours.

5. It closes completely with a zipper that is concealed by having it stitched a little bit inside, not exactly at the outside edge.

6. The straps are not adjustable and the long strap would be made on my size so when I carry it on my shoulder the bag will not pass my buttocks and when carried across the body the bottom of the bag will touch the leg joint.

7. I still haven’t figured out the size of the bag, but it should be made to carry a 13 inch laptop easily, and have enough space for your daily essentials.

8. Now that we got to the inside part, it should have a protective compartment to hold the laptop and in front of it a smaller one for a tablet. This part will have a flap that secures the laptop and tablet so that you cannot see them when the bag is open.

9. On the inside, opposite the laptop and tablet compartment I would like it to have two zipped pockets, one next to each other. Between these two walls inside it should be plain.

10. The inside would be lined in black sturdy cotton fabric.

A lot of details for a bag you may think, but I am really picky about my bags, apparently, and somehow the available market is not satisfying. I hope every point was checked. It doesn’t have a specific order, I just put them there as the ideas popped into my mind. If I missed something please feel free to ask me what I would prefer about a certain aspect of it.

Hope you enjoyed it and do let me know in a few words (or a lot) how would your dream bag look like.


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