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Whether you are on a budget or you just love the basics and like to sail the norm core boat or you stay way away on the other side of the river all in for some on trend pieces, there are just those items that always make the cut into everybody’s wardrobe. I have to say I am one of those people who likes things to be easy breezy, simple to combine, so, in my wardrobe you can see that everything goes together, throw it on, don’t think about it kind of thing.

You know all those scenes in movies where the girl or boy appears and the frame moves from the feet up for a memorable appearance, mystery and just a dollop of cheesiness, so I invite you to make that scene in your head as you go through this list.

1. Flat shoes – any kind as long as they look as minimalist as possible and comfiness is a must. I am a sucker for black leather, small high-top, almond shaped or pointy toe, plain shoe.

2. Trousers\Jeans – now this is really the one where the options are a little bit wider, we have classic cut jeans also known as cigarette, the mom jeans or as I like to call them carrot shape, boyfriend jeans and skinnies’. I won’t go into the trousers section, just pick the one that goes perfect with your style and body shape.I love my skinny jeans and skinny trousers.

3. White, grey and black tees – pick the one that you prefer, looks cool against your skin and eyes colour or that shapes your body the best, can’t go wrong here, also if you want to make your upper body look slimmer pick one with a V-neck. I rarely wear white, and I gravitate more towards the black ones, but I also like tank tops that have the strap a little bit wider, I think that style of tank top looks just a bit smarter and can be dressed up or down.

4. Jacket – oversized or fitted, short or long, wool, denim or leather whatever your choice. I know I want them all, but recently I am into flowy (is this a word? i guess it is now) materials.

Now the beauty of having these items in your wardrobe is given by the endless combination possibilities between them or with any other clothing items you may have in your closet. They are the basics that we love and also love to hate if you are on ‘I am sick of being boring with my clothes’ vibe.

What are some of your staple pieces?


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