One step perfect: Clarins toner review

As an acid toner virgin (shocking!) I didn’t know what was the best product for me from all the sea of possibilities the market has to offer. Although none of the affordable brands don’t seem to make acid toners (at least not where I live), the luxury products market is full of them. Thus, I decided for the most popular and supposedly the gentlest of them all, as the name would suggest: Clarins – Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner.

The classic shpiel about its content – glycolic, tartaric and salicylic acid which perform a small exfoliating action by eliminating dead skin cells, this way promoting a smoother, brighter skin. It also contains white nettle which is good for tightening pores.

Maybe I lived under a rock, I don’t know why I didn’t discover liquid exfoliants earlier, but I think by introducing one into my regular skincare regimen was the best decision I made in a long time!
If you are also a newbie in this liquid exfoliant territory, I definitely recommend you try Clarins.
I use it once per week, at night, and it is gentle but effective. I don’t feel that it thins my skin, it doesn’t sting, unless you did an extraction prior to using it and you are left with a nicely scented face.
Its benefits continue for the rest of the week, my skin is soft, no more appearances from random blackheads, my skin tone is even and past acne dark spots have gone – loving that part. In a long time I actually like my skin without any kind of tinted something on it, just bare skin.
What is your favourite exfoliating toner and why do you like it so much?

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