The 5 steps natural dewy face

I’ve always been a dewy face gal and always will be. I embraced the oil when I had oily skin. Now that I have normal skin I do everything I can to make it super fresh and dewy.
I see girls wearing powder and they look beautiful with it and I romanticise with the idea of using it, but I notice every time I give powder a shot, my face looks flat and unattractive. The same goes for liquid foundations with a matte finish and no need to mention powder foundations, no thank you.

The only powder products that touch my face are bronzer and blush and that is only because I didn’t quite figure out yet how to use the creamy formulations of these products and make them look natural or maybe I need to search for better ones.
I have to say my version of dewy skin is like a sandwich, the more layers it has, the better it tastes, in this case it looks. So let’s dive in and show you my sandwich:
1. I start by using a serum, at the moment I use the Caudalie S.O.S one.
2. Then I use a little bit of oil from Melvita, either sweet almond or argan, whatever I am feeling.
3. After that I put on my moisturiser. I use a local brand – cheap and basic moisturiser – nothing fancy, called Apidermin. Sometimes I mix the moisturiser with the oil.
4. I don’t forget to protect my skin from the sun by using La Roche Posay ultra-light spf 50.
I wait 20 minutes for the spf to sink in and then I apply only a drop of foundation in the centre of the face and blend it out really well.
5. As a final step, after I finish the rest of my makeup, I spritz La Roche Posay thermal water.
This may seem a little bit excessive, I agree. I have a shorter version that I also use when in a hurry.
I dab some oil on drier, flaky areas or on the high points of my face. I put on a tinted moisturiser with spf. I apply the rest of my makeup and before leaving the house I spritz some thermal water.
And there you go, the same effect, but less products and time.
Because I like pampering, I usually don’t mind the longer version and that is what I go for most of the time.
What is your preferred skin finish, matte or dewy? And can you recommend me a good cream\liquid bronzer and blush?

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