You guessed it, this is a post about nails. It is boring and dull probably, I won’t disagree, to talk about nails, but one can really take them for granted and not care about them, and when you see them all made up and cared for they make a world of a difference on your overall look. Continue reading


H&M – lines and shadows. A review

IMG_5244 copy

The newly introduced H&M beauty line is very welcomed in the sea of budget beauty buys. It has everything you need for make-up, hair and body, full package.

My angler eyes fished only two products that I wanted to try, without too much risk involved. I chose an eyeliner pencil and an eyeshadow.

I will go right ahead and say it: they are amazing, by far the best ones I have ever tried, though keep in mind I didn’t try so many, nonetheless best eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow in the whole wide world! Now that I got it off my net I can go ahead and dive into the reviews. Continue reading