You guessed it, this is a post about nails. It is boring and dull probably, I won’t disagree, to talk about nails, but one can really take them for granted and not care about them, and when you see them all made up and cared for they make a world of a difference on your overall look.

As a child and teen I used to bite, oddly enough, not my nails, but the skin around my nails. You can imagine it was a frayed disaster and my hands did not look presentable at all. Thankfully that bad habit has gone and they are now in tip-top shape.

I like my nails short exactly where the finger meets top of the nail (if there is a better explanation for this please tell me) and I like to use a wood stick to push my cuticles, I rarely cut my cuticles, only when I can really see them even after a good push.   I noticed when I used to cut my cuticles they also looked frayed and adult me is not into that look anymore.

I always use a base coat, I like a Rimmel one and I noticed my nails are also harder since using it. For a long period of time I was lazy to use one and nail polish stained my nails and they were a mess. I said goodbye to nail polish free nails until they grew out of the stain (which takes forever). Stained lips are wonderful, too bad I can’t say the same about stained nails, let’s make stained nails a thing! (or maybe this is exactly how the trend with the sheer nail polish appeared – one day an influencing lady decided to go nail polish free, but she never used a base coat her entire life and her nails were stained as my teeth are after having one too many sips of red wine and this one time she just applies a transparent top coat and voila you got yourself sheer nail polish trend)

Nail polish wise I like to keep it simple. I like red, black, white and beige. Sometimes I will have a phase with one weird (just for me) colour, after a few moths maybe, I return to my classics.

I like a high shine nail look. Last year to get this finish I discovered the perfect top coat from L’Oreal called Shinissime Gel. It smooths every imperfection that my nail polish didn’t manage to smooth or caused by the nail polish and it is super shiny, love it! (and it makes the nail polish to stay on for longer)

Before I go to bed, when I remember, I rub some coconut oil on my cuticles and apply hand cream. The only other time I apply hand cream is when I go out, I bought a big bottle of hydrating aloe gel cream (don’t like the greasy feel) that has a pump and I keep it next to my door so the last thing I do before I get out of the house is get a big blob of gel on my hand.

What is your hand/nails ritual that you would like to share. Do you have any product recommendations?


5 thoughts on “Nails.

  1. I am actually guilty of getting my nails done professionally haha. I just love gel nails, but it does get pricey. I sell luxury cosmetics and at an event that I was working, I actually ran into a representative for Jamberry. I was told that they were going to be releasing a do-it-yourself gel nail kit. This may be a good option for people like me that love gels but need to be able to do it themselves rather than spending 50+ dollars every three-four weeks.

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  2. Nubbies (term for very short nails) are cute. They can make you look like a neat person if you take care of them properly. And the best mainstream top coat is Seche Vite. A bit expensive (like OPI) but great investment. Indie would be HK Girl and Topped with Love by Love Angeline. The three of them super glossy and fast dry. Oh, BTW Seche acts as an anti yellow if used as base coat. 3 coats to peel off your mani later without nail polish remover, because this also turns yellow your nails even if you use base coat.


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