Brilliant Bobbi Brown Blush


If someone would ask me what my dessert island product is, for sure I would answer, in a heart beat, blush. I buy every cheap blush I see and like, then end up never using it because I don’t like the texture or colour or packaging or longevity on the skin. Because blush is my dessert island/one product for the rest of my life thing, I never gave up on it, but also, very reluctant on buying an expensive one because that was my last hope in finding the perfect texture/colour/aesthetic/staying power in a blush and I didn’t want to be disappointed, until one day, not too long ago…

I purchased my very first high-end (another word for expensive) blush and it was a total impulse buy! As you would have guessed by now it is a Bobbi Brown blush. Late last year Bobbi Brown launched their store in my hometown and I didn’t know, you can imagine my awe when I saw it, I rushed inside with a grim on my face like a kid the first time entering a candy store.
After a few swatches and a few tries on my face, with the help of the kind and generous lady working there, with almost every single product from the store, (still wondering how I didn’t leave that place looking like a clown) I decided on a blush (on the verge to cave for a lipstick, but I contained myself). This little number is 46, Clementine.
I am drawn to peach-y-orange-y blush, of course my face would never naturally blush like peach colour (actually my face never blushes, period, that is why I love blushes so much) but it reminds me of a subtly tanned blushing face in the sunset and I like that look. This is what this blush translates like on my skin, but also to lean on the real side, it has some pink in it too, I don’t mind it. So, in other words, awesome colour: check!
The packaging is perfect for carrying around and it’s very small and compact, flat square and minimalistic, right up my alley. Now you don’t get a lot of product considering this tiny, cute compact, only 3.7g, but you don’t need a lot of it to do it’s magic which takes me to my next point.
The formula is very cool, it’s a powder blush, but no powder comes out when you swirl your brush in it, nor when you tap it (unless you swirl and shake it like crazy just to prove a point) and no product after you do this around the edges of the compact either. I am really impressed by this quality because that means: 1. this blush will last you for many many years because you don’t need a lot on the brush for the cheeks to look good and nothing is wasted. 2. it’s staying power is higher than other powder blushes formulas, because it adheres on the skin very nicely. 3. it looks very natural, because you can’t really see it’s powder-y-ness texture, it looks like skin, which is nice for an oily skin gal, because I can’t use cream blushes to get the natural look, too greasy for me. 
What else?… Buy it, it’s an awesome blush!
Are you just as giddy about a blush as I am and I don’t know about it? Please tell me in the comments.
You can find Bobbi Brown products in Bucharest in Mall Baneasa.

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