Make-up break-up


My skin is not great, I have my share of hormonal acne and blackheads from time to time, but sometimes I receive compliments on how my skin looks, in terms of glow and texture. I credit this solely to the fact that I never sleep in my makeup and to my cleansing routine. I thought I would break it down for you here.

I wear tinted something on my face and eye makeup everyday, and I use waterproof mascara, always, so it’s imperative I use an oil to remove my makeup. Coconut oil has been my friend a few years now, I use it every night to dissolve my makeup. That is not the only way I use it, maybe I will write a post on the extensive way I use it, but for now we’ll stick to this one quality. I don’t have a fancy way of doing this, I just take a scoop of coconut oil from the jar in the palm of my hand and rub it until it all melts and then apply it on my face, do a little massage on the face, as the mood strikes, and then I very gently rub my eyelashes of mascara. I always have a small towel prepared to get damp and then I rub it (not too hard) on my face to take the coconut oil and makeup concoction off my face, I repeat this step 2-3 times, until I am left with a clean face.
I could leave it at this, but why not make my routine longer in the wake of the night when I am tired and all I can think about is sleep? So then, I use micellar water on a cotton pad (the pink cap one from Garnier) to remove all the oil and extra makeup that I left behind.
After that I splash my face with water to get the micellar water off and then dry my face, I know you shouldn’t do this step, but I like water. And to show you how much I like it, I then use thermal water spray from La Roche-Posay as a toner and spritz a lot of it on my face. Wait for it to dry, while I like 100 posts on Instagram (follow me on Instagram – betterthanann)
Once a week I use an acid toner from Clarins to deeper exfoliate my skin.
In the morning (if I am in the mood – aka when I am not feeling lazy, I do the same thing with the oil, but only for massage purposes) I use micellar water and thermal water spritz.
So I think that all the steps I do contribute to the soft, glowing skin – the oil softens any dryness I have and then I gently exfoliate with the towel – the micellar water gets every last drop of dirt of my skin also by gently exfoliating with the pad – the thermal water softens the skin, punches some minerals and hydration back into the skin prepping it for cream absorption.
Voila, these are my steps for healthy looking skin. How do you clean your skin and how does your routine look like?

Pielea mea nu arata grozav, imi apare ici-colo acnee si puncte negre, cu toate acestea, uneori, primesc complimente pentru cum arata, in ceea ce priveste textura si luminozitatea ei. Atribui acest lucru faptului ca niciodata nu dorm cu machiajul pe fata si rutinii mele de curatare. M-am gandit sa va descriu in textul de mai jos care sunt pasii pe care ii parcurg pentru a-mi curata fata.
In fiecare zi folosesc ceva cu putina culoare pe fata si rimel rezistent la apa, intotdeuna, asa ca este mai mult decat necesar atunci cand ma demachiez, sa folosesc un ulei. Uleiul de cocos este prietenul meu de cativa ani deja, il folosesc in fiecare seara ca sa imi curat tot machiajul de pe fata. Acesta nu este singurul mod in care il folosesc, intr-o postare viitoare o sa scriu despre cum il folosesc in mod extensiv, acum o sa ma focusez pe aceasta calitate a lui. Nu am nicio metoda eleganta de a folosi uleiul, iau o bucata de ulei din borcan cu degetele si il masez intre palme pana se topeste dupa care il intind pe toata fata, fac putin masaj, daca am chef, masez usor cu degetele si rimelul de pe gene. Intotdeauna am la indemana un prosop foarte mic, il umezesc cu apa si imi sterg fata de machiajul acum uleios (nu folosesc prea multa presiune), repet de 2-3 ori pana simt ca am fata curata.
As putea sa ma opresc aici, dar de ce sa nu mai adaug cativa pasi la miezul noptii cand sunt obosita si tot ce imi doresc este sa dorm? Asa ca dupa ulei folosesc apa micelara (cea cu capacul roz de la Garnier) pe o discheta demachianta ca sa sterg ce am omis la prima curatare.
Dupa care imi limpezesc fata cu apa si ma sterg cu un prosop, stiu ca acest pas nu este necesar daca folosesti apa micelara, dar imi place apa. Si ca sa vezi cat de mult imi place apa, folosesc ca tonic multa apa termala spray de la La Roche-Posay pe toata fata. Astept sa se usuce, timp in care dau like la 100 de postari pe Instagram (urmareste-ma pe Instagram – betterthanann).
O data pe saptamana folosesc tonerul exfoliant cu acizi de la Clarins ca sa am pielea extra fina si luminoasa.
Dimineata (daca am chef – a se citi daca nu sunt lenesa, fac aceeasi procedura cu uleiul doar ca masaj) folosesc apa micelara si apa termala.
 Toti pasii pe care ii parcurg fac pielea luminoasa si fina – uleiul inmoaie pielea uscata si super prosopul exfoliaza usor – apa micelara ia ultima picatura de murdarie de pe fata si discheta exfoliaza si ea usor – apa termala inmoaie pielea, o mineralizeaza si hidrateaza si o pregateste sa absoarba mai bine crema.
Voila, acestia sunt pasii mei pentru o piele care arata sanatos. Tu cum iti cureti fata si care sunt pasii tai de demachiere?



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