review-_stuffLong time – no writing, I was missing this, so inspiration struck me to get back at it.  I accumulated some new makeup stuff, new for me, long time on the market and in other peoples drawers, as I have gathered on the internet. I will do a mini personal review for each one of them, I don’t find it necessary to give a full post for every individual piece, which means that I like them, and I use them, some I would repurchase and I will mention those, but others not.

I had a discount at Sephora and because I like base face stuff, I decided to buy a new foundation. I bought Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation because it was relatively new, I read good reviews online, the name appealed to me and the lady in the store put it on a small part of my face and I liked the way it looked. It is packaged in a tube like plastic container, it’s very fluid and you have to shake the bottle really well and because of it’s shape I don’t get a good grip of it every time I shake it and I dropped it numerous times, due to my butter fingers, which I didn’t know I had until this foundation made it’s way in my hands, thus leading for it to break, and I thought that I totally wasted my money and at any moment expected to see an explosion of foundation everywhere.urban_decay (This is getting into a long story, maybe I should have reserved a full article for each individual product – hopefully I still have your attention, I’m getting there, look at it as a practice of patience.) I very slowly started dissembling it to discover that inside was a funky plastic chemistry tube in which the foundation is stored and it has a pump screwed to it – this was perfectly intact. It is like an avocado, and this was the pit but the juice is all inside the pit, so maybe more like a coconut, but the liquid is in it’s own pit…you make a better analogy if you have, you got it, you can see the illustrations. So what I am trying to ramble is that the packaging sucks if you really like it in it’s original format, but when mine got destroyed I liked the core of it better, it looks more interesting like this and it’s easier to hold now. Long story short: users are not dumb, products are. shakeshakeThe foundation itself is very watery and runny, which I don’t mind at all, but once I get it on the skin it is hard to work in and get a smooth overall feel of it when you see it up close. It leaves a lot of streaks – tried and tested with good ol’ hands, famous Beautyblender, all the brushes that you can find to use for foundation, it’s too much faff and I don’t like that. I have shade no. 3, I think, don’t have the packaging anymore, but I have a tan now so it’s too light but sometimes I apply it just a little bit in the center of the face for brightness. I like the luminosity that it gives to the skin and it is very light as the name does suggest. It does not have any scent, smells like makeup/foundation. It does last on my skin, which now, I self diagnose as normal dehydrated, sometimes combination. It’s a good foundation if you don’t mind the blending, I personally would pass on repurchasing.


At the end of last month it was my birthday and one of the wonderful gifts was a beauty of a pink Beautyblender from some of my girlfriends (thanks guys, I know you are reading th
is, love and more love to you all). It’s so freaking satisfying to have one in your hands and squish it on your face to push that product in, whatever you feel like using it for. It didn’t help with the aforementioned foundation, but it was a tricky one even with hands so I don’t blame it. I like to get all the water out of it on a towel before using it, if I don’t do this I feel like a lot of water gets on my face and that is not my aim. It makes the process of putting on makeup that more fun and the final result is just more polished and perfected, I like it and I would totally repurchase.

A friend of mine spent her holiday in Japan, so normally, as you do, I asked her to pick up a few things for me, one of them being Isehan KISS ME Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof Black. A super long name for a super waterproof mascara indeed. When I first read the name I surely thought that it is all a silly marketing scheme to make you buy it, but Japanese mean business, this no joke. To help you understand what the word Super on this particular packaging in Japanese stands for, I will translate: you turn on the oil tap on your sink and dunk your face in it and it won’t come off and not one part of ones body will ever get massaged better than the hairs from ones eyelashes in the attempt to get this mascara off. Now you know what that means. Buy it if you want muscles on your phalanges. All in all it is awesome at staying there for the rest of eternity, I love it. I would buy it again for special occasions, maybe, who can tell? And man, it does hold a curl, and it does look good.

This format will continue in other posts, I like it, title included. Tell me in the comments section if you tried any of the products mentioned and what was your experience with it. Would love to hear some other opinions.





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