For the tired or hangover

For the tired or hangover Did you have a late night and a very early morning?  Maybe you lost count of your alcoholic beverages last night. Or none of the above and you just have one of those days where you feel you need some perking up, anything that can make you get that wrinkly forehead to loosen up a bit.

What should you do if you have engagements and need a quick fix to get you going, although all you want is to stay in bed all day with everything at an arms length distance?

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Gym bag essentials

Gym bag essentials Oh, the joy! .. after a good workout, ‘pat yourself on the back’ style. You can feel quite gross and drenched of all your powers after an adrenaline inducing, confidence boosting and body shaping workout and the best way to get that fresh feeling back again is a nice cooling shower.

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